Custom Crating Services in Stockton and Vallejo

Custom Crating

Master Craters provides services to all commercial, industrial and residential customers. Listed below you will find just some of the services that are available.

Custom Crates - Crate and Pallet Service

  • Fast turn around
  • Foam in place packaging
  • On-site Crating
  • Commercial Crating
  • Heavy Duty Skids
  • Economical Crates
  • Moving Crates
  • Storage Crates
  • Production Crates
  • Military Crates
  • Export Crating HT/KD Certified
  • Trade Show Containers/Crates
  • Open Slat Crating
  • Commercial Industrial Products
  • Domestic and Export Crating
  • HT/KD Certified for Exporting
  • Medical Equipment
  • New Machinery
  • Used Machinery
  • Trade Show Display Crates
  • Military Standard Crates
  • Wood Ocean Lined Containers
  • Electrical Control Panel Crates
  • Office Equipment
  • Machine Tool and Fixtures
  • Custom Foam Lined & Protected Crates
  • Shipping Containers with ramps for easy Loading and Unloading
  • Storage Containers
  • Open Slat Crates
  • Air Freight Crating
  • Shipping Available Local, Air, Sea and Long Distance

Custom Crates for Recreational Equipment

  • Basketball Hoops: We drain the base of water, take it apart and label everything. We wrap the parts and put it together at the destination.
  • Game tables (Foos Ball, Ping Pong etc.): Tables are disassembled and labeled, all parts packed and prepared for transit. When we get there, we will put it back together and put it wherever you want it.
  • Pinball Machines: Remove legs and back, secure or remove ball(s). Location confirmed with customer and assembled at destination.
  • Trampolines: Disassembled, labeled, parts packed and safety net removed. At destination assembled and safety net installed.
  • Exercise Equipment: Equipment is disassembled and labeled. All parts are secured and prepared for transit. At destination confirm and review location with customer, assemble and test for operation.
  • Swing Sets (Metal & Wooden): Disassembled, marked/labeled and hardware wrapped. At the new location it is re-assembled, leveled and if required, bolts replaced.
  • Hot Tubs: Disconnect and cap lines. Drain if requested. Reconnect at destination.
  • Pool Tables: Disassemble, remove and roll felt, all small parts are packed in carton, slate(s) crated. At destination, table is assembled and leveled, slate(s) uncrated felt reinstalled. New felt installation (bed & rails) service is also available.

Custom Crates for Furniture, Home Electronics and Lighting Fixtures

  • Bookshelves: Take them apart, label and wrap all the loose parts. At the destination, we confirm location with the customer and put it back together.
  • Ceiling Fans: Ceiling height should always be double-checked. Blades are removed, fan is disconnected and removed from ceiling and crated if requested. Replacement fixture installed or wires capped. Assembled and installed at the destination.
  • Chandeliers: Ceiling height should always be double-checked. Chandeliers are removed, crated and prepared for shipping, replacement is installed or wires capped. At destination, chandeliers are uncrated and installed.
  • Computer Desks: Disassembled and labeled. Loose parts wrapped and secured at origin. At destination confirm and review location with customer and re-assemble.
  • Grandfather Clock: Remove weights and pendulum, secure mechanism, cables and chains. On antique clocks, movement is removed and packaged. At destination clock is leveled and assembled. Set beat and test.
  • Home Theatre: Disconnect and label all connections. Secure and wrap all wires. Reconnect and set up at destination.
  • Mirrors/Paintings: Remove from wall when providing crating service.
  • Personal Computers: Disconnected and labeled wires/cords secured and wrapped. Reconnected at destination.
  • Pianos: Keyboard locked and hammers secured. Keyboards unlocked and hammers released at destination. Location is confirmed with customer and piano is uncrated and assembled at destination.
  • Bunk Beds: Disassembled, label and secure all loose parts. Location is confirmed with customer and unit is assembled and leveled at destination.
  • Plasma Televisions: Disconnect and label all external wires, all related hardware secured, removed from pedestal or wall, crated. At destination, location is confirmed with customer and unit is uncrated and reconnected to pedestal.
  • Stereo Systems: Disconnect and label all connections. Secure and wrap all wires. Wall Units: Disassembled, labeled, all parts secured. Assembled and leveled at destination after location is confirmed with customer.
  • Waterbeds: Drain, disassemble, pack and label all parts. Assemble and fill (conditioner added) at destination once exact location is confirmed with customer.

Custom Crates for Appliances

  • Dishwashers: Disconnected, lines capped, parts wrapped & packed in machine. Installation includes connecting of electric, water supply and drain.
  • Dryers (Gas & Electric): Machines are tested then disconnected, lines are capped, venting is removed, cord secured and control panel wrapped. At destination dryer is connected, venting installed, leveled and tested. Change cord or receptacle if needed.
  • Gas grills: Grills are disconnected and lines capped. At destination, reconnected and tested.
  • Ranges/Stoves (Gas & Electric): Disconnected and lines capped, cord secured and panel wrapped, all loose parts secured. At destination, connect then level and test for operation.
  • Refrigerators: Icemaker lines disconnected and capped, cord secured. Icemaker lines reconnected, leveled, tested. New water line installation service & Icemaker kit installation service available.
  • Washing Machines (Top Load or Front Load): Test, disconnect all hoses (fill & drain), cap taps, secure drum, internally lock, if required, secure cord, wrap control panel. Connect at destination, level, check all hoses for serviceability, unlock drum, test in all cycles.
  • Additional Services

  • Crating: Performed onsite, construction can be either slat or solid. EU crating for overseas relocations is also provided. Items wrapped/protected as necessary. Any parts are wrapped and labeled. At destination uncrating and removal of crate provided.
  • Debris Removal: All moving debris (cartons, paper and padding) removed from residence.
  • Maid Service: Cleaning of home at origin after shipment is loaded. At destination, cleaning and/or unpack-and-put-away service available.

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