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Our careful professional packers make sure your items are packed properly and organized. Packing is one of the most important considerations of your move for a safe, secure experience.

Professional Packers Assuring a Smooth Move

Proper packing before a move is one of the most important factors in assuring a smooth move. For this reason, many customers choose to have Broadway Moving & Storage perform their packing on their behalf. Professional packing insures that your goods are organized and ready to transport safely.

Our careful professionals at Broadway Moving & Storage have the experience and expertise to make sure your items are packed properly and organized for you room by room. Save yourself the hassle of packing by having Broadway Moving & Storage perform the work for you.

Here are some packing tips for do-it-yourselfers:

  • For electronics use anti static bubble wrap. Put some packing peanuts in the box first then put the item in, fill in the surrounding space with packing peanuts to completely surround the item.
  • Starting multiple projects all over the house leads to frustration and many incomplete tasks to follow up on. Finish packing one room at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself. Make sure all the cartons are labeled with their contents and which room they go in.
  • Label boxes on three different sides with its basic contents along with the room it goes to. No matter what is stacked on top of or beside the box, you are likely to see a labeled side.
  • Breakable items never go into the bottom of boxes and they need to be wrapped with special care. Wrap up those fragile items even for short distance moves, as if they are going cross-country.
  • Starting the moving plans well in advance of the big day gives you the opportunity to really see the contents of your home as you pack. This is a great time to sort items into three piles, pack, give away and throw away. This is one of the few times that you need to touch everything in the home; don't bring things to the new place that you no longer use.

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