Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies

Moving Boxes

When Broadway Moving & Storage is performing your move originating in Northern California, we will supply all necessary materials for your move, including moving boxes, paper and tape. Our experienced and professional packing crews will arrive at your home with everything they need to ensure the proper packing and transport of all your personal possessions.

Moving Boxes for Do-It-Yourself Packing

If you are packing your own household goods for us to transport, we will personally deliver the moving boxes and packing material to your doorstep. When ordering moving boxes for a move, it is important to choose the correct boxes for your household items. Here is a list of the most popular sizes of moving boxes and what generally goes into them.

REMEMBER: The heavier the item, the smaller the box!

  • SMALL 1.5
    Books, magazines, photo albums, canned goods, CDs, video tapes, DVDs and vinyl albums
  • MEDIUM 3.0
    Pots & pans, small kitchen & bathroom appliances, linens, bedding, clothes, and shoes
  • LARGE 4.5
    Bedspreads, linens, outerwear, pillows, lampshades, large pots & pans, and cookie sheets
  • XLARGE 6.0
    Same as LARGE box, but watch your weight
  • DISHPACK 5.0
    (This box is made twice as thick for extra protection.) Plates, bowls, glass bake ware, fine china, glassware, and will also hold your personal computer
  • Wardrobe Box
    Hanging clothes, dresses, suits, coats, etc.
  • Wine Boxes
    Come in 6 bottles or 12 bottles
  • Unprinted News Print Paper
    Used for wrapping dishes, glasses, and any breakables that need extra padding
  • Tape
    Always tape each box at the bottom before loading.
  • Marker Pen
    Mark all boxes as to what is inside. This will help the mover in loading and unloading your belongings faster and safer.

When your origin is outside the Northern California area, you may purchase materials to be delivered to your house or business from PIONEER PACKAGING.

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