Moving Guide

Plan Your Move – A Checklist

The challenging task of moving can be managed comfortably by planning well in advance. For a successful move the preparation starts before 2 months. Detailing out each and every phase of the moving event before hand helps you a lot and makes things easier. Here is a Moving Timeline for you to guide you through the different stages of moving. This is an exhaustive list of what should be done and when.

6 Weeks before

  • Is your company handling your moving? Then find out what really are covered and what exactly you’re expected to do.
  • Have a house to sell? Call a real estate agent and let the house go on the market.
  • Take an inventory of what you have. Categorize them into throw away, give away and can be sold.
  • Arrange for a garage sale if needed.
  • Get estimates from at least 3 movers. Consult your friends and relatives before deciding.
  • Take a trip to your new home town. When you are looking for a house or an apartment, look for schools also.
  • Consult real estate agents of the new area and the websites for more information.
  • Get a change of address kit from the post office.
  • Notify your move to friends, relatives, neighbors, schools, doctors, dentists, vets, creditors, newspapers, magazines etc. File the copies of the notifications.
  • In case you’re moving temporarily into a hotel, arrange for a General Post Office address. From the first delivery it is valid for a month.
  • Put a file for the move and file all the notes, receipts and details of moving in that.
  • Book the flight tickets if necessary. Arrange for the shipment of your car.

5 Weeks before

  • Start emptying the freezer.
  • Decide on the mover and approach him. Tell him the complete inventory that you intend to move.
  • Arrange for insurance coverage.
  • Cancel the magazine subscriptions or have them forwarded to your new address.

4 Weeks before

  • If you are doing the packing yourself, get the boxes, tape, packing paper and box markers ready.
  • Start the packing.
  • Essentials Box: Pack the necessities like towels, tooth brush, toilet tissue, can opener, coffee pot and few dishes in a separate box. You can open this right away after your arrival at the new home.
  • Chart out the moving route and book hotel rooms if you stop by en route.

3 Weeks before

  • Confirm with the post office about your address change.
  • Pack the things in the attic, basement and the garage.
  • Give away the things that can’t be packed.
  • On the moving day you may need a sitter for the children and the pets. Arrange for that.

2 Weeks before

  • Make arrangements for shutting off the utilities. Keep the phone service and the power till moving day.
  • Ensure that these utilities, phone service and power are available at your arrival of your new home.
  • Check the gas, oil and water levels of your car. Make it ready for the long trip.

1 Week before

  • Confirm the details like date, time, route etc. with the mover.
  • Keep the jewelry and other important documents with you.
  • Keep the checking account and the CDs active.
  • Get a cashier’s check for the movers.
  • Empty the freezer and refrigerator.
  • Return library books and movie rentals.
  • Complete the packing.

Moving Day

  • Arrange for someone to supervise the movers.
  • Read the bill of lading thoroughly before signing.
  • Make sure the mover has a number (Cell phone) in your new town.
  • Take a final checking before leaving. Be sure you have taken everything.
  • Keep the thermostat at proper setting.
  • Turn off the appliances.
  • Lock the doors and windows.
  • Give the keys to the right person, a friend or real estate agent as the case may be.
  • Inform the police that the house is vacant.

Move-In Day

  • Be there before the movers.
  • Ensure phone service and power is there.
  • Have the check ready for the movers.
  • When the movers unload supervise.
  • Check for any damaged items.
  • Review bill of lading before signing.