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While summer may be “officially” over now that Labor Day has passed, there are still several weeks of hot summertime sun ahead of us. Summer is the most popular time for Americans for a variety of reasons such as summer is peak home buying season and the kids are out of school. In addition to the former reasons, one of the most important factors when deciding to move in the summer is the weather – the sun is shining and the days are long.

While the Sacramento, CA enjoys an average of 80 degrees during the summer months, the highs can hit up to 115. If your moving day lands on a super-hot day, you do more than make yourself uncomfortable, you put yourself in danger. Broadway Moving wants to keep you safe during your move, so we’ve rounded up some of our best summer moving tips for residential moving in Sacramento.

  • Plan Ahead: With summer being the busiest time of year for Sacramento moving companies, you’ll need to do some advance planning. One of the best moving tips we have is to book your move for the middle of the month. The beginning and end of the month are generally more popular than the middle of the month, so you may find that it’s easier to schedule your move when things are calmer. And if you can a day or two off from work to plan a mid-week move, it can be that much easier to plan with less lead time.
  • Stay Hydrated: No matter what time of year you move, you’re going to get a good workout and you’ll need to keep yourself hydrated. Making sure you get plenty of water is especially important during the summer when the risk of dehydration is greater. You also want to be able to recognize the signs of dehydration which include dizziness, nausea and lack of sweating.
  • Pack Carefully: The sweltering heat may not affect your mattress or kitchen table; it certainly will have an impact on items like candles or makeup. Be sure to know what the contents of each box are and know what you should and shouldn’t be leaving in the back of your moving truck.
  • Protect Children and Pets: It’s always a good idea to have a plan for moving with children and pets, but during the summer you’ll need to be extra cognizant of this. Ask a friend, family member or neighbor if your children (furry or otherwise) can stay with them until you have finished the loading and unloading process.

These hot-weather moving tips will not only make your move a bit easier, they will help to keep you, your loved ones and your belongings safe. If you want to take all of the stress out of your local Sacramento move or long-distance relocation, turn to the professional Sacramento movers at Broadway Moving!

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