long distance moving packingAt Broadway Moving & Storage, we’ve been helping household and corporate customers make challenging long-distance moves for over two decades now. From our home offices in Stockton, California, we’ve successfully and affordably taken our customers all over the country.

As a professional Vallejo and Stockton long distance moving company, we understand that long-distance moving can sometimes seem like an insurmountable challenge—but we also know the best tricks and tips for a successful move.

To help you complete your upcoming move without stress, here’s a list of our most time-tested and customer-approved long-distance moving advice.

Long-distance packing tips

Packing is a huge part of the overall moving process, and it requires a great deal of planning and attention. Here are some helpful Stockton long-distance movers’ expert packing tips to keep your boxes organized and your belongings secure:

1.  Take a household inventory.
Walk around your home and carefully consider your belongings. Start mentally or physically sorting them into items to keep, items to recycle, items to sell, and items to throw away. For items you plan to keep, make note of what kind of packing materials you’ll need—like large boxes, bubble wrap, or other specialized materials.

2.  Get the right packing supplies.
The right packing materials are essential to preventing your belongings from getting damaged or broken. For fragile or heat-sensitive items like mirrors, electronics, and antiques, you can buy special packing materials, research DIY hacks online, or consult the packing experts at your local moving company. You’ll also want to stock up on packing essentials like tape, bubble wrap, and peanuts.

3.  Start packing early.
To avoid waking up a week before your move and realizing that you’ve only packed the dining room table, try to start packing as early as possible. Non-essential items—like decorations, extra furniture, and out-of-season clothing—can often be packed away months ahead of time. If you can commit to packing a little each day, you’ll be surprised at how painless it can be.

4.  Stay organized.
Whenever you finish packing a box, be sure to label it clearly on at least two sides and the top. Stick to a consistent system of labeling so that you can clearly remember the contents when you’re unpacking. Labeling might seem unimportant now, but you’ll be thankful later when you don’t have to sort through 30 boxes that are all labeled “my stuff.”

5.  Set aside an essentials bag.
Pack your toiletries, electronics chargers, and several changes of clothes in a box or bag, and keep it somewhere easily accessible for moving day. You probably can’t pack these items ahead of time, but you can set aside the bag early and keep a list of things to include for moving day.

Long-distance moving tips

Although packing is an important part of the relocation process, it isn’t everything. Here are some general long-distance moving tips to keep your moving day stress-free.

1.  Make a master to-do list.
As you’re planning your move, start making a to-do list. The earlier you can start this list, the more comprehensive and helpful it will be. Divide your tasks into helpful categories, like items to buy, belongings to pack, and important things to remember. You can use this as an easy check-list for moving day.

2.  Double check your utilities.
To make sure your new house is ready to move in, double check that you’ve set up your utilities with the correct start date. You definitely don’t want to move in and not be able to shower or run the AC. To avoid paying extra at your old place, it’s also a good idea to also make sure that you’ve turned off the utilities.

3.  Submit a change-of-address form.
A few weeks before your move, inform the post office of your new address and set the date for mail forwarding to begin. Eventually, you’ll need to individually inform your banks, credit cards, and other important organizations about your new address—but mail forwarding is the easiest way to make sure nothing gets lost in the transition.

4.  Arrange some helpers for moving day.
Even if you hire professional household movers to handle the heavy lifting, it’s helpful to have a close friend or family member with you on moving day. Having an extra set of eyes will make sure you haven’t left anything behind or forgotten to turn off your AC.

5.  Keep your kids busy.
To keep you from worrying about your kids’ safety during the move, plan to have them spend a day with a family member or a babysitter. With the kids busy having fun at the movies or a local theme park, you’ll be free to focus 100% on the details of your move.

By keeping this long-distance moving and packing advice in mind as you prepare for your move, you can rest easier knowing that your move is on track. But if you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed by your upcoming cross-country move, don’t worry! You can always rely on the help of the professional long-distance movers at Broadway Moving & Storage.

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