packing to move - DIY or Pros

When preparing to move your home, business or office, the careful packing of all your belongings is a major consideration. Should you take the time to fully coordinate the details and pack all of your and your family’s things yourself? Or should you have professionals take care of everything?

Depending on your particular needs, different situations may lend themselves more to DIY packing; some to hiring movers for packing. Your friends at Broadway Moving encourage you to consider the following when making your decision:

You should consider DIY packing if…

  • Your move is on the smaller size, with few large pieces
  • You aren’t moving especially fragile, unusual or cumbersome items
  • You have moved before and have experience with proper packing techniques
  • You have the necessary boxes and packing materials to accommodate any type of item
  • Your move allows ample time to plan, prepare and pack in advance
  • You are moving a short distance

You should consider hiring professional packers if…

  • You are making a long-distance or international move
  • You’ve never moved before and/or need to coordinate logistics
  • You are transporting many unique, heavy and/or high-value items
  • You have a number of breakable, fragile items
  • You have several miscellaneous items that you don’t know how to protect
  • You are under a tight deadline
  • You are moving a large household with many rooms
  • You have a large family and/or young children
  • You are relocating boxes into a new home and into storage facilities

No matter which choice you make when packing up your belongings, trust the experts at Broadway Moving to help you every step of the way. If you’re packing everything yourself, our blog has even more useful articles with packing tips and tricks to make the job easier.

If you decide to leave all the packing to us, you can rest easy knowing that our professional team has hundreds of successful relocations under our belt. Call one of our representatives today for more information about packing or fill out our easy online form to receive your FREE, no-obligation estimate!

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