So it’s a few days before moving day and you—if you don’t procrastinate—are packing up all your stuff. By now, you’ve probably come across some things that you don’t really use anymore. Whether you’re your clothes, your kids’ old toys, or that weird white elephant gift your sister gave you last Christmas, why toss it when someone else could use it?

Allied Van Lines is a proud partner of The Salvation Army. During your moving process, we want you to stress less and give more to those looking for help, hope, and a second chance.

At Broadway Moving and Storage, we proudly stand behind Allied Van Lines and believe in the importance of giving back to the community. Since 1865, the Salvation Army has been serving over 30 million people each and every year. Together, they’ve made it easy for you to contribute to this worthy cause.

  • When you’re in the process of packing up all your stuff, all you have to do is set aside the items you want to donate.
  • Afterwards, you can either call 1-800-SA-TRUCK or go online to to schedule a pickup time and date that works for you.
  • We’ll come to your home and pick up your donations for your convenience.
Donating your used things to the Salvation Army when you move is an easy way to clean out some of the stuff you don’t need, while lending a helping hand to those who need it. While you’re packing, make sure to keep a list of your donations and their estimated values to get a tax write-off for your generosity.

Contact a representative at Broadway Moving and Storage today to get started with your move and learn more about how your move can do some good for someone else.