There are several reasons why you want to get an in home estimate from a California moving company, and it is all for your benefit.  Having an in home estimate allows you to get a truly accurate moving quote.  It is always smart to have the in-home estimate done and have it done by an experienced estimator. No one likes seeing the final bill be being very different from the estimated amount.

Broadway Moving and storage does in-home estimates free of charge and with no obligation.  Always be weary of moving companies that do not do in home estimates or try to avoid them.  This can be a clear sign they are trying to low ball you and stick you with the bill later.  The purpose of the in home estimate is so the moving company can see what needs to be moved, how much there is, what large/heavy/fragile items there are, and where the moving truck will be parking.  This quick visit helps remove any issues that could otherwise be found on moving day and cause delays.  

We want you to have a great moving experience and we do everything possible to help ensure that you do when you move with us!

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