Moving boxes are a must-have for every move.  They are used to transport all of your belongings safely and cleanly.  Having clean and good-quality moving boxes are important factors that will help ensure your belongings don’t get dirty or damaged during a move.  

Having a good clean box means that’s there’s nothing that can get on your items once they are closed up in the box. If you have a dirty or used box from a grocery store, you could have food residue inside the box; leaving bacteria and food orders behind that could transfer to your items packed in them.  If you use old boxes that may not be as strong as they once were, you run the risk of the box falling apart in the move or collapsing; possibly causing damage to your items.

Ideally, you want to use new moving boxes. Although they can be a little more expensive than used boxes, they are the safest bet. Often, moving companies will offer used boxes as an option.  This is a better choice than trying to get free used boxes from the grocery store because, being local movers, they know which boxes to throw out and which ones are still good quality for moving.  This helps ensure your belongings will be safe throughout your entire moving process.

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