Broadway Moving and Storage has been serving the West Coast as Stockton and Vallejo movers.  As such, we would like to share some information to help your move get off to a good start.

When should you contact your moving company about your upcoming move?  You should talk to your movers as early as possible when you know you want to move. There is much that needs to be done and planning in a move and having more time to do it makes it less stress full.  As the busy peak busy season approaches (summer), movers get booked up quick. The sooner you talk to them, the more likely you are to be able to move on the day and time of your choosing. 

You are also more likely to not experience any delays in the moving process as the moving company has plan for logistics. You benefit from this as well as once you book your move, you just leave the of the moving process to the movers. This help alleviate some of the stresses that coincide with moving.

when to contact a mover