Looking for a little extra room around the house or in the garage? You might want to consider a household storage solution. It is important to select a secure facility where you are planning on storing your goods. Look to see what security and safety amenities they offer. A clear sign of a secure facility is one that is "Military Approved." Military approved is exactly as it sounds, the facility and location has been approved by the government and deemed secure for the storage of government and military items.

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If the government feels it's secure enough to store high end military hardware there, it's pretty safe to assume your snow blower or car will be safe there as well.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is one that offers both long and short term storage. This is a nice option to have as well as a storage facility that can pick up and drop off your items as well.  Pick up and drop off is often usually only offered at moving companies storage facilities. Many times storage can be cheaper at moving companies because they have other services that subsidize costs.  For more information on household and commercial storage, call a local Stockton storage facility and talk to the experts.